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Asphalt Sealing in San Jose, CA & Surrounding Areas

An attractive driveway or parking lot instantly adds curb appeal to your home or business. However, large cracks and potholes detract from the rest of your exterior. Avoid the headache of imperfections with our concrete and asphalt sealing in San Jose, California. We go the extra mile in extending the lifespan of your surface. Sealing is a great option for new or older areas. Turn to our sealcoating contractor to get the most from your investment.

Fast and Affordable Line Striping

As part of our sealing service, we also offer attractive line striping for roads and parking lots. Our contractors cover up old, faded markings that are unsightly. We understand that your parking lot is the first thing potential customers see, which is why we take time to make sure everything is perfect. Our line striping contractor turns any surface into an attractive space that you're sure to enjoy. Rely on Granite Northwest Grading & Paving Company for all of your surfacing services.

Sealcoating Contractor Creating Flawless Finishes

The last thing anyone wants to do is have to pay for repairs just a few years after installing a new asphalt surface. Our sealcoating contractors work to prevent cracks and imperfections from cropping up. We start each project by thoroughly cleaning your surface. This ensures outstanding results every time. Our experienced team then applies the sealant accurately and precisely. We take time to provide a fresh layer of asphalt sealcoating that looks brand new, which instantly adds value to your property.

While sealing is often used to avoid cracks, it also prevents further damage from spreading. If left untreated, breaks and pits can ruin your surface. They grow until you need complete replacement. We provide sealing service that prevents more cracks from appearing. Avoid the headache of broken asphalt or concrete by depending on our sealcoating contractors.

Sealcoating in San Jose, CA

Our Line Striping Contractor Keeps You Compliant

When maintaining a parking lot, it's important to remain compliant with all local codes. The last thing you want is a fine for non-compliance. Our line striping contractors make sure you're always within proper standards. No matter how complex or simple your parking lot is, we have the industry knowledge to paint it. Our team even marks off areas for accessible parking spaces. Stay within regulations by depending on our line striping service.

Contact our asphalt sealing contractors to extend the life of your surface. We proudly serve clients in San Jose, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, and Saratoga, California, including the surrounding areas.

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