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Commercial Paving Contractor in San Jose, CA

Granite Northwest Grading & Paving Company offers residential and commercial asphalt services in San Jose, CA, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in asphalt paving, parking lot repairs, asphalt patching, and driveway installations. We use advanced equipment for overlaying driveways and parking lots with a new finished layer.

Does your gravel parking lot need to be paved? Are you undergoing a project that requires streets and sideways to be resurfaced? Our licensed and bonded company has the training and skills to handle all your asphalt paving and resurfacing needs anywhere in the San Jose, CA area.

Commercial Paving Services

Our maintenance services include crack, pothole, and pavement repair in San Jose, CA and nearby communities. We’ll assess your surfaces for loose and broken areas. We’ll replace bases and excavate surfaces. Driveways, parking lots, and roads are repaved and sealed for a high-quality surface that prevents deterioration and sun damage. Whether your parking lot is faded, or surface is uneven, we can handle all your problems! Granite Northwest Grading & Paving Company’s goal is to provide maintenance that keeps your parking lots and roadways in excellent conditions.

Sealing Service (3P)
Striping Service (3P)
Grading Service (4P)
Parking Lots (5P)

Repairs (6P)
New Roads (7P)
Driveways (8P)
Crack Filling (9P)

Commercial Paving Services

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Our skilled specialists use premium equipment and advanced techniques for repairing concrete applications. We’re available to repair cracks of any size and all types of damages from weather, vehicles, machinery, and trees. We can remove and reinstall concrete as well as spot-repair certain areas that are damaged. Our goal is to eliminate safety hazards from cracked, uneven or depressed sidewalks. We’ll make your concrete surfaces attractive and stress-free! We’ll control your surface problems to ensure cracking, heaving, and other issues, such as the tree root damage that is a recurrent problem in the San Jose, CA area, don’t worsen.

Contact our commercial paving contractor to plan out your next asphalt project. We proudly serve clients in San Jose, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, and Saratoga, California, including the surrounding areas.

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